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Everything is Vibration...

What you have in your hands right now is the single most powerful guide to help you unlock consistent and safe Astral Projections.

In just a moment you can start reading the full book and learn all the methods, techniques and secrets that have been the missing link for you.

But everyone has a different starting point… 

Maybe you’re someone who’s has never had an Out of Body Experience before? 

Consistent Lucid Dreams? 

Years of Meditation Experience?

or maybe you’ve never even tried Visualising before!

Then no matter how advanced or great the methods are that you’re learning…

You’re still going to need to build an actual foundation for these skills.

Which could take days, weeks, months… maybe even years to develop depending on your situation!

But what if you could entirely skip that?

What if you could tune yourself instantly to the right vibrational stage… the same way an expert would have only after years of dedicated practice?


That’s exactly what Binaural Beats Brainwave Mastery was designed to accomplish!

We’ve created, tested, modified, tested again, modified again over and over again…

Till we had the pitch perfect vibrational tones designed specifically for Astral Projection.

And I now want to share the fruits of our labor with you.

So you don’t have to spend agonizing hours trying to figure out what a “vibration” is on your own in the blind.

But rather jump straight to the action and start Astral Projecting!

There aren’t a lot of shortcuts on a spiritual awakening journey… but this might be the closest thing to it to have ever been made.

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What's Inside?

Let me go over exactly everything you’re getting your hands on if you decide to grab this Once in a Lifetime Offer

Binaural Beats Mastery

This is the Secret Sauce that makes everything I mentioned actually happen, detailed explanations, step by step guides and must have information to guarantee your success!

8 Chapters

Complete journal of all our research, guides, methods and tips.

16 Audio Tracks

Hand crafted audiotracks specifically designed for Astral Projection.

55 Pages

We leave no stone un-turned and cover every aspect of Binaural Beats.

greencheck  The Truth behind Binaural Beats (and how they work) – so you can implement them in your life –  making it the single biggest hidden untapped asset  in your spiritual journey…

Take a look at page 7

greencheck  How often should you listen to audio tracks (and why less is more) – so you don’t have to spend hours of your day listening to them –  and potentially causing more harm then good  to yourself by over stimulating your mind…

Take a look at page 17

greencheck  Why tracks on sites like youtube don’t work one bit (and actually harm you) – so you can start listening correctly and to  audio tracks designed by real professionals in a studio  that will actually improve your progress…

Take a look at page 18

greencheck  How to use them for Lucid Dreaming (and our 3 unique step-by-step methods) – these will guide you on exactly what to do, when and why –  so you never get confused or doubt yourself  and see tangible progress…

Take a look at page 31

greencheck  How to use them for Astral Projection (and our detailed self hypnosis script) – that will guide you step-by-step –  so that you feel safe and protected  at all times…

Take a look at page 44

Delta Wave

Delta frequency creates a high amplitude brain wave that oscillates between 0.5-4 Hz. This brainwave, much like the other waves we will talk about, is mainly seen during deep stage 3 of sleep or slow-wave sleep. The brainwave allows one to measure the depth of their sleep.

Spring Clean The Mind (3 Hz interval)

This deep Delta track consists of 55 Hz at 3 Hz intervals. This track is perfect if you are interested in inducing personal affirmation or attempting to clean your thoughts. This track allows you to open up your consciousness and air out any negative or overflowing energy. You should find yourself feeling lighter and mentally renewed after.

Spring Clean The Mind (1 Hz interval)

This track operates much like the above wave track with the exception of the intervals. Instead of 3 Hz intervals, this track has 1 Hz intervals. 

Deep Meditation

This track is perfect for good sleep and meditation. Be sure to listen to this track at a reasonable volume. Use this track before bed to unwind and visualize your optimal future self.

The Sleeping Pill

This track should be used right before or during the time that you’re asleep in order to deepen your sleep and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the healthy and regenerative properties of deep sleep.

Theta Wave

This frequency is seen mainly during the REM sleep cycle and is often used with hypnosis. This has a deep relaxation effect that opens up your mind to the power of suggestion. This is the perfect way to create a new view for your future and set the mental gears in motion!

The Power of Suggestion

This track will be perfect if you are looking to manifest a healthier mindset or a more productive future. This auto-suggestion track allows you to decide who you wish for your brain to think subconsciously. Once our minds begin looking for these new ideas or opportunities, you will begin to see changes in your life that you had not previously perceived before. This is definitely an incredible track for advancing in your life. This wave takes you into deep relaxation and slows your brain waves. Think of it as opening up your mind.

The Deep Power of Suggestion

This track operates a lot like the one above to open up your mind and introduce new subconscious ideas that will stick with you long after the track is over. This, however, is different in the sense that you’ll enter a state of trance. This is a simple and common meditation method that induces deep relaxation, so it is not something to be wary of. 

Alpha Wave

This frequency moves at a frequency of 7-14 cycles per second, and it’s optimal for deep meditation and relaxation. This frequency is often responsible for daydreaming because it temporarily detaches your consciousness from reality. Instead of focusing on what is in front of you physically, you will find that you are able to wander into fantasy ideas! It will open up your mind to the creativity within you. 

Escape to Daydreaming

Daydreaming is often frowned upon, and people who often daydream find that they are referred to as childish and absent-minded, but in actuality, daydreaming is a wonderful tool for anyone who needs to visualize their future in order to put forth action. Daydreaming is a wonderful way to open up your mind to new and exciting opportunities. The more you daydream, the more your subconscious will default to actions that influence the future you desire.

Overcoming the Obstacles

This track will allow you to visualize your actions and future, much like the track above. This one is a little more powerful, however, in the sense that it will enable you the ability to unlock the powers of your deep subconscious. Unfortunately, you won’t find yourself being about to fly after this, but you will find that those circumstances that you were struggling to approach may be less scary after looking at it with a more open mind. You’ll see possible paths you would not have thought of before

Beta Wave

This frequency has 14-28 cycles per second which wakes up the mind making you feel alert and active. This stimulating effect allows for better conscious thought and logical thinking.

Alert and Energetic (220 Hz)

This track is perfect if you are looking to exercise or work. We have all had days where the thought of working or exercising sounds like too daunting of a task. This track will give you the boost you need to accomplish these energy-based tasks.

Alert and Energetic (110 Hz)

I’m sure, by now, you are sensing a theme here! This track is much like the track above in that it helps energize your brain by allowing you to feel active and alert. So grab your workout clothes or that pesky work project and let the power of Beta Binaural Beats give you that extra push!

Gamma Wave

This frequency is geared towards learning and processing information. The 40 Hz gamma waves are helpful when one is seeking to bind the perception of our senses and open our mind to new material. 

The Genius

This track is excellent for any setting that requires your brain to process information. This track allows you to intake information and store it more effectively by focusing your brain more efficiently. This is perfect if you are studying for school or need to memorize a presentation for work. 

Quick Learner

This 55 Hz track with a 40 Hz interval is great for learning and motivation. This track is another helpful tool to help with learning or focusing.

Sigma Wave

This frequency moves between 12-15 cycles per second. This frequency, which we have not touched on yet, is much like the Alpha Brainwave in that it has been associated with daydreams, fantasy, and a detached consciousness. This frequency is also excellent for deep relaxation and meditation. 

Good Vibrations (New)

This track is perfect for imagining and manifesting your future self. It will help you open up your mind, much like the Alpha tracks do. Now manifest that future! 

Deep Lucid Dreaming

This track is made out of 55 Hz frequencies with 13 Hz intervals. This is one of the best tracks for introducing your mind to the possibility of lucid dreaming. It will allow you to relax while also influencing you to fall into your deep consciousness between dreaming and action.

Deep Astral Projection

This track is closely related to the Deep Lucid Dreaming with just a few minor tonal tweaks which though not perceivable to the naked ear… make all of the difference on a subconscious level.

Growth Waves

Melt Away Anxiety

This track allows you to dig deep into your conscious and subconscious mind in order to release negative energy. This is perfect if you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Just close your eyes and let the SMR waves help heal your mind.

Subharmonic Affirmation

The harmony of this track is made out of Pure Sine Wave. In its most basic explanation, Subharmonics are the usage of different frequencies that are close to each other, and when they are played together, they seamlessly connect. This offers an incredibly smooth and comforting sound. This track contains all Delta Binaural Beats at intervals of 1 Hz.

Get Instant Access To The Binaural Beats Package

Regular Price $397 – Add to your order today for only $99!

NO! I do not want to speed up my astral projection journey and can do it on my own.

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