Discover how to have an Out of Body Experience and Astral Project even if you've NEVER done it before or did when you were younger and can't replicate it!

"I remember being able to fly as a kid, After 34 years I did it again..."

"I remember being able to fly as a kid,

After 34 years I did it again..."

Unveiled: How these Strange Exercises will Reawaken your sleeping Abilities and launch you into the Astral Realm!

"30 Minutes later i was up in the sky...

I could see my other ‘self’ still laying on my bed… but I was far from it.

Next thing I know and I’m outside my house… outside of my neighborhood… outside of my city… soon enough our whole planet is within my view and….

wait, before I get ahead of myself…
you might have no idea what I’m even talking about 😅

so let’s turn the clock back a while… all the way back to the beginning.

Dear Spiritual Friend,

Did you know that every human being, without exception, as well as many animals have the natural ability to Astral Project, Lucid Dream, OBE, Travel the Astral Plane, Explore the Universe, Relive Past Lives, and much, much, more.

Yet so many still believe the absurd notion that all these skills are either only attainable to the privileged few talents who were born with it or think it’s made up fairytale nonsense…

I would know… since that ignorant person I just described was me from 17 years ago.

The truth, as you will come to know real soon is certainly quite the opposite. Anyone… and I mean anyone, and everyone is able to achieve these things. Not because I believe in altruistic hard work and dedication (though that is a part of it haha), but because it’s something that we all are inherently born with since day 0.

and when I say day 0… I don’t mean the day your physical body was born but something completely different…

The thing is…

You are not a human being with a soul.

You are a soul that temporarily inhibits a physical body.

"Can't recommend it enough!"

Astral Projection Secrets has been the best course I’ve read. Your approach is something iv never seen before and is honestly such a breath of fresh air for anyone interested in spirituality. Iv been learning something new almost every day with the book even though i already have like 10 on the same topic on my bookshelf as we speak!

I was able to break through a bottleneck iv had for years and looking back at it the solution was right in front of me but i wasn’t able to see it till you pointed it out!

Seriously excited to see what you come out with next!

Terry Jackson

Personal Trainer

I know for a fact that anyone is capable of reawakening their forgotten abilities because it happened to me and I watched as it happened to my many students over and over again.

Since then I have dedicated over 2 years of my life to create the most comprehensive step by step guide of reawakening your lost talents… and the amalgamation of all that work is the Astral Project Secrets Course.

Every lesson learned, every book read, every master and yogi I studied under or interviewed throughout my 17+ years on this beautiful journey… is meant to bring these experiences on a silver platter for you to stop second guessing things and just jump straight to what ACTUALLY WORKS and make a visible change in your life and all our lives as a whole.

My intention is to be the Yoda to your Skywalker, or Morpheos to your Neo… this course is basically my guiding light shining straight from Gandalf’s staff and into your forehead!

And with the numerous testimonials I’ve received from people already enjoying the many benefits of Astral Projection Secrets after reading and following the proven methods taught… methods anyone can learn.

You can see the results speak for themselves and I can safely say that this course is the last one you will ever need to read.

“I've been trying to Astral Project for years with no results... and now I know why.”

I’m not a novice when it comes to astral projection, lucid dreaming and spirituality in general as I have been studying this stuff well over 10 years now. But even with all that experience and education for some reason astral projection in specific was always out of reach for me.

Even though things like Lucid dreaming did not come naturally to me I still managed to learn it through patience and my own efforts. But alas no matter how much I tried the same did not happen with Astral Projection… until I came across your book.

At first, I didn’t think it was anything special because iv already read dozens of books on the topic, but I quickly noticed how these we’re different. The contents are not just a few stories or the author’s personal experiences… but rather the amalgamation of hundreds of years of research and studies all presented in an actually practical way.

This one change of learning not through 1 lense but rather the accumulated knowledge, methods and tricks of those who came before me is what made all the puzzle pieces come together for me and I am forever grateful!

Peter Zheng

Martial Arts Instructor

The hidden history of Astral Projection?

The first “Astral Travelers” were old ancient animals and creatures which roamed the earth millions of years ago, but the first ones to truly synchronise with our astral souls were our dear old ancestors, the earliest humans.

Though most of them weren’t adept enough to realize their powers, the new environment is what gave birth to the earliest known masters. Later named ‘Shamans’ of their tribes, they had the power to travel the astral plane, seek answers, and even glimpse into the future in order to protect their tribes.

As such, the knowledge they recorded was passed down through generations, accumulating through decades of experiences.

A long while after, a new civilization is taking root in ancient Egypt and with millennia of wisdom under their silver belt, they were one the largest spiritually awake groups of people in our recent history.

They named the astral double (Ka) the Soul and. Spirit (Ba). They believed that both Ka and Ba would leave and return to the physical body at will.

Other places where the study of spirituality, astral travel and even psychic powers was prominent was in Asia.

In Tibet, astral travelers were referred to as delogs which means people who return from beyond. In China, it was called 身體之外的經驗 and was part of Taoism. In Japan, it was referred to as 幽 体.

Even in Arabic countries, it was referred to as الاسقاط النجمي. The Qur’an and Sunnah write that the ‘human being’ is composed of body and spirit, so the body is his physical body that is visible, and it is that which God created in stages: a sperm, a leech, and a chew, until his creation and image is complete.

"I felt myself actually lifting up out of my body!"

Although iv studied it a lot in the past, I myself never had much luck with projecting but i was lucky enough to be invited to beta read an early copy of Astral Projection Secrets.

And let me tell you… the 7th chapter… that. that’s what made it all click honestly. I was able to have my first ever projecting literally the next night! Unfortunately because of how giddy i was i let my emotions get the best of me and the experiance ended almost as quickly as it began!

It definitely gave me a hard reality check on how actually serious this is and any strong emotions such as fear or excitement, will bring you right back… so much for worrying about not being able to return i guess lol.

Since then iv diligently practiced and trained to have experiences which lasted far longer then I’ve ever imagined and with the current lockdown iv been able to travel to places i would never have the opportunity let alone courage to do by myself!

Jordan E.


Moving closer to western cultures, there is an old story in the Druidic tradition about a druid known as Mog Ruith who had the power to fly over the heads of opposing armies and return to give the druid army details of the enemy.

A while later, a little thing called Christianity (don’t know if you’ve heard of it?) started growing in popularity.

Which might have started with good intentions… it was quickly corrupted by ill meaning people and proceeded to do what those age old shamans feared the most, which was demonizing these natural practices under labels of “witchcraft” and “devils” because it contested their authority.

In a bid to dispel the notion that these “witches” used flying ointments, Henry More, a student, and Christian of the occult philosophy, in 1647 wrote that the witches were not traveling in their physical bodies but in their astral form.

Surprisingly (or not), the authorities and the church used his words to justify the persecutions that were extended to anyone who acknowledged astral traveling. During this time, the churches and authorities described the witches and wizards as those who cast no shadows.

Given that astral bodies do not cast shadows, astral travelers were said to be witches. They upheld that such powers were not God given and were practiced by pagans, and therefore their misguided and unbelieving souls deserved to be tortured and eliminated for their own good and that of the Christian community.

Unfortunately, their actions came as a result of centuries of brainwashing, lack of information and acknowledgment that there are other worlds around us that are accessible with the right mind, body and soul awareness.

My hope in telling you all that is to shine light onto just a small slither of what actually happened behind the scenes of history.

But not all is lost because even today, there are still cultures hidden away from “modern civilization” who still use their astral powers (same ones as our dear old ancestors) in order to survive and prosper all in seclusion.

In one remote part of the world, remote tribes communicate telepathically just as modern humans use the telephone, sending advanced messages, news and information purely by psychic means. To them this is natural, and they would likely be shocked to discover that “modern humans” do not use this ability or even realize it exists.

"Your course was a pivoting point in my life."

Before stumbling across your site i didn’t even know that something like Astral Projecting even existed. I had just started practicing meditation and figured this might be good study material to go along with it.

At the time I had just graduated collage and really didn’t know what to do with me life but something about this just kept pushing me to keep going and I’m forever grateful that i did haha. I guess you could say I found my calling of sorts and am now teaching local classes on meditation, lucid dreaming and of course astral travel.

Oh yeah and to review the actual books, its honestly such a well structured course. It covers basically every angle, situation or problem you might encounter and prepares you for it (without feeling bloated). Even now I still often read through certain sections when needing help. 10/10!

Ty Dawson

Astral Teacher

The Truth is...

As humans have become more focused upon material things, influenced by religion and have become more skeptical, these natural astral abilities have been forgotten over time – but not lost.

The natural abilities of most humans lie buried deep under layers of materialism and indoctrination, hibernating, just waiting to be rediscovered and brought to the surface once again.

As the saying goes “use it or lose it”.

As with the loss of any facility, whether it be natural, physical or mental, once the realization exists that any natural ability can be restored with the right knowledge, exercise and commitment, the motivation to succeed takes over, and all you need then is the guidance and commitment.

“Miracles”, “Supernatural” or “Paranormal” seem impossible yet very quickly start to become possible.

Knowing this, is what the whole foundation that this course was created on. This world needs a global mass reawakening and I do not intend to sit idly knowing I could have done something.

The currently available information is either incomplete, outdated, or even worse… completely wrong. And with our current chaotic times, not that many people have exactly the time or resources to go on a 10 year awakening journey across the world.

That’s why after over 100+ iterations and testing I’ve created the single-handedly most comprehensive Astral Awakening course ever created. With the goal of taking you from novice to expert in the shortest time possible and in a way that’s actually practical.

If you have even just 3-5 minutes to spare in your day for practice… then you can do this.

Not because I believe in you… but because I’ve literally seen others do it in that little time! That’s how optimized and fail tested these methods are.

Astral Projection Secrets

Ancient Secrets
To Astral Travel

Want To Experience An Expedition To the Fourth Dimension Where Your Every Goal and Personal Desire Are No Longer Limited By The Laws Of Earth?

The biggest lie is that Astral Projection can be very difficult to learn…

Until very recently,  even complete newbie astrolites and adept astral menifestating masters have agreed… that Astral Projection is difficult, hard or dangerous to learn.

And that’s partly because you’re LITERALLY trying to leave this dimension. So of course, it’s not as easy as learning to drive a car, or ride a bike.

It’s actually more astonishing just how far we’ve been able to already grow with completely outdated and risky techniques!

This is why it’s so important that you’re actually learning the RIGHT information and methods that will work for YOU specifically!

Astral projection or having an ‘OBE’ is a fascinating thing, because it allows you to tap into something BEYOND this realm. Something beyond this dimension and reality.

And once you do… it unlocks a realm of possibility so vast you never even imagined it could exist.

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You’ve TRIED to astral project but found that you just can’t ‘break through’ and actually do it? Maybe you can’t keep yourself awake for long enough to enter the vibrational stage?

You’ve tried to get into the vibrational stage to astral project, but nothing happens, and you’re just laying there feeling frustrated? Maybe you’re wondering if it’s even possible.

You’re tired of reading endless articles and guides that don’t give you results, and you just want to know EXACTLY what you’re doing wrong and how to actually experience astral projection for yourself, FAST.

Or maybe you’ve NEVER astral projected, and you’re completely new. Maybe you’re just starting your spiritual journey, and you just want to EXPERIENCE astral projection for yourself, without wasting lots of time practicing the wrong things.

Most people fit into that last one there.

You’ve never astral projected, or you’ve only done it once or twice in your life.

And that’s fine.

It’s not your fault, this is a VERY difficult skill to learn, typically.

I say typically because when you know how it REALLY works, it’s actually quite simple. It comes down to building certain habits into your life and changing your subconscious beliefs.

"To future Astral Projection Students"

This course is a must have for any beginner. If you’re just curious or aiming to actually project then you gotta get it man. I wouldn’t consider myself some kind of big expert but i owe around 20 books on the topic which iv collected and read through recent years.

And although they are all great… none are exactly “it” if you know what i mean? I guess another way to phrase it is that if i were i extract only the key lessons and principles from each of those books leaving all the fluff behind… i would probably have just created Astral Projection Secrets.

Jokes aside this book has seriously helped me and my boyfriend progress further than we ever expected on our astral journey!

Zara Dewan


Imagine Being Able To Astral Project

What would it be like if you could just close your eyes… and astral project?

If you could skip past years of wasting your time ‘spinning your wheels’, getting nowhere. If you could just skip to the part where you can ACTUALLY astral project, easily.

Well, it won’t take you years, if you follow the right exercises.


Relaxing your muscles as you let the soft ambient noises of the room fade into nothingness. Your eyes slowly and softly close as you sink back into your armchair, focusing on a strong intention to leave this dimension.

After a few minutes, you notice the familiar ‘vibrational stage’ coming over you. You feel a tingling sensation crawl over your body and that leads to relaxing you even DEEPER.

As the sensation takes you over, you feel a powerful shift happen…

Your energy and awareness moves from your physical body to a new sensation that’s forming. It creeps down your spine like water running down your back on a hot summer’s day. You’re gradually separating your astral body from your physical body.

You feel lighter and more free. You feel energy SURGING through you as you open your eyes.

You see your physical body sitting in the chair, and notice the room around you. Except it’s tinted with a strange color, almost like you’re wearing colored tinted sunglasses. You can become aware of things beyond your walls.

You can see ‘through’ the walls. It’s not really looking through the walls, they were never really all that solid to begin with. Everything is ENERGY.

You pass through the wall and float up into space, effortlessly. You’re driven by a deep love and passion for knowledge. You search for the answer to a question that’s been bothering you for months.

‘Should I follow my dream to become a famous musician, or stay in this dead end job?’.

You ask the astral realm for answers, and you’re met with a beautiful, beaming energy body. It’s you. But not the ‘you’ that you’re familiar with.

It’s your higher self.

The version of you that resides in higher dimensions that looks over you always. That’s always connected to you physically, but also timeless. Your Higher Self knows EXACTLY what’s best for you, and as you approach you’re met with an instant ‘knowing’.

The Higher Self doesn’t need to say anything using ‘words’ or language. That’s too slow. Instead, the answer is instantly downloaded into your very BEING. Leave the job, pursue your passion.

You’re guided.


As you awaken and come back to reality, you’re FILLED and consumed with a deep love and sense of calmness. You know with every FIBRE of your being that everything’s going to be okay.

You feel guided, supported, and completely at peace. Motivated and inspired to make a change, safe in the knowledge that you’re following your heart.

This is just one example of how you can use astral projection to advance your personal and spiritual growth. This is the story for MILLIONS of people around the world, who use astral projection for guidance, exploration and experiencing things beyond themselves.

What if you could achieve that, on demand.

What if you KNEW what would make you astral project, and how to practice it?

"I overcame my fears!"

What your teachings and methods have done for me, is something i will never forget even if i tried to. After projecting for the first time in my life (and many times after that) i was able to overcome my acrophobia and move on more successfully in my career and personal life! Seriously huge thanks and love!

Bruce Jenkins


Are You Ready?

It’s no coincidence you’re here, my friend.

Universe’s energy  always leads us towards our next logical step… but even if you can lead a horse to water, you can’t force it to drink.

You have to make the choice of weather you want to take the leap and trust yourself to grasp this opportunity or let it fall through your hands like sand.

What would it feel like...

How would you like to…


Astral projection enables you to understand yourself —and the world—better than you could ever imagine… so that you can better your life, be inspirational, and help the ones you love. The only question is…Are you ready to become a higher evolved spiritual being, and “live the life of your dreams?”
Astral Projection Secrets

Start Projecting in less than 33 days!

You don’t have to walk this journey alone…
Fast track your way to Spiritual Awakening and discover your dormant Astral Powers & Abilities.

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Here’s Everything You’re Getting With Your Astral Projection Secrets Book...

3 Mastery Levels. 12 chapters. All focused on one thing: helping you actually begin astral projecting easily and safely.  Available in PDF, EPUB, Apple Books & Kindle Import.
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This 6+ hour audio book will give you the same world shattering insight into the world of Astral Travel as the book but in a more digestible format!

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The Getway Experiance is THE project which brought majority of this knowledge to light to the general public when first released.
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Preview of What's Waiting Inside...

I’ve prepared a little sneak peek of what’s waiting for you to be discovered inside the Astral Projection Secrets Course!
3 Mastery levels
Groundwork chapters. Training chapters. Evolution chapters.
12 Chapters
Everything you need to begin Astral Projecting safely and easily.
340 Pages
We leave no stone un-turned and cover every aspect of Astral Travel.
  • Chapter 1 – What is Astral Projection?
    From the first chapter you will learn exactly what astral projection is, how does one learn it, how to stay safe whilst doing it and what types of abilities it grants you.
  • Chapter 2 – History of Astral Projection.
    In this chapter you will discover the deeply profound history and science behind Astral Projection. As well as just how interlinked, guarded and protected it has been throughout time.
  • Chapter 3 – What is Astral Projection?
    Learn what exactly is happening when you astral project and travel to the astral plane. What forms can an OBE (Out of Body Experience) take, have i experienced it in the past but didn’t know?
  • Chapter 4 – The Basics of Astral Projection
    Why you should try learning different astral projection variations and how to determine which one suits you best. Deep dive into different myths and misconceptions about astral projection and how to spot or avoid them.

  • Chapter 5 – Types of Projection
    Understand what the main six types of astral projection (lucid dreaming, clairvoyance, remote viewing experience, astral plane projection, etheric projection, bilocation) are and how to start differentiating between the 4 mains ways of interpreting and experiencing them (experimental, astrological, mysticism, scientific).

  • Chapter 6 – Preparing for Astral Projection
    Remembering that all preparing stats with mastering your inner self in order to understand how best you can relate with the external world. Next we’ll learn the thirteen tools of astral projection that help in developing the right connection between the physical and astral worlds.

  • Chapter 7 – The Astral Projection Process
    The chapter i think everyone is most excited for… the actual process of astral projection. Here you will learn our step by step methods of the best guides of projection that are the safest and have the greatest chance of working for you. This is the real fruit of all our labor, countless years of gathering, interviewing experts, testing, fixing and perfecting each method covering every possible blind spot you the student might encounter to ensure you will definitely project.

  • Chapter 8 – Astral Projection Obstacles and How To Overcome Them
    First step is understanding that emotional and mental obstacles are self imposed next we’ll cover what the major 7 obstacles are (Fear, Judgment, Pride, Tiredness, Pain and Illnesses, Lack of Motivation, Lack of Concentration, Inability to Find your Ideal Technique and more) and how to overcome them.
  • Chapter 9 – The Mind, Body and Soul
    The mind, body and soul are the three components that make up a human being. Hence, they are connected. The soul holds personality, purpose and is responsible for creating perception and awareness. The mind controls the physical body. The body harbors the mind and soul in the physical state.
  • Chapter 10 – Astral Love And Sex
    Astral love and sex is as real as physical love and sex. A genuine astral lover will never be jealous of your physical lover and will always be supportive. Astral love and sex is more intense and magickal as compared to physical sex.

  • Chapter 11 – Astral Healing
    For those interested in sharing their talents with the world this chapter will prepare you for what astral healing is and how it works, understanding the aura for healing works, healing while in the a astral dream world, deep explanation on various healing techniques and methos as well as how to setup your very own astral healing office.

  • Chapter 12 – Astral Magick
    In-depth look into Astral Magick. How it can help yourself and others, how to find astral teachers and magicians and the process of studying under them. Learn incredible astral magick rituals and laws for good health, prosperity, success, divination, love, justice, change future event and more!

Soundwaves Preview

These special made binureal beats were designed specifically to accelerate and improve your astral projection journey.

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