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Innerlair is a spiritual community that empowers people to create their own lives and make the world they want to live in. Our goal is to help you tap into your spirituality and forgotten ‘lair’ of knowledge inside you by providing access to the right resources, tools and support from our personal years of failures.

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Building exceptional communities, we bring lost and unknown souls to a place of ease and comfort in expression, that’s what we stand for, freedom and information.

Can’t recommend enough! The Astral Projection Secrets Course helped me have a break through and understand what i was doing wrong. I can now consistently travel have OBEs and actually control them!

Terry Jackson

Personal Trainer

The Astral Project Course has really changed my life around, from just helping me understand my place in the world to also giving me the opportunity to start teaching my own local classes on how to do it!

Ty Dawson

Astral Teacher

This course is a must have for any beginner. If you’re just curious or aiming to actually project then you gotta get it man. So many nuances that other books just don’t cover or miss completely!

Zara Dewan


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